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Dec 1, 2018 11:09am
As you have noted from our Conference Calendar, the American Society for Hematology annual meeting begins today in San Diego, CA, USA.
Nov 10, 2018 6:26am
Thanks to Ali Sadeghi-Khomami PhD, Precision BioLogic, and Joan Polancic, MS MLS, Denver Health, for the heads-up on this announcemment:
Sep 3, 2018 2:02pm
Despite the onslaught of direct oral anticoagulants, Coumadin still occupies an important place in anticoagulation. Most facilities employ POC instruments that rapidly generate the PT/INR , and most choose to confirm all INRs that exceed 4.0 by collecting venous blood and performing a plasma-based PT/INR.
Sep 2, 2018 6:47pm
Here are the results of our August, 2018 Quick Question, answered by 93 participants:. Stem: What is the FDA-approved assay for anti-Xa DOACs?
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