2018 Cheat Sheet

December, 2017 Quick Question: When to label blood specimens.

More on coagulation factor reference intervals.

POC PT/INR compared to central laboratory plasma-based INR.

Elevated VWF activity: causes and interferences.

Discussion of fibrinogen influence on PT and PTT , also efficacy of supra-therapeutic INR.

January, 2018 Quick Question: How do you establish a coag factor reference interval?

PBI publishes a news release describing their joint Study with Sobi on clot-based assay variation in measuring recombinant Fc-fusion factor IX in plasma.

Dave McGlasson asks for a reference that describes the clinical value of the geometric mean, which is recommended for INR calculation.

Heavier bleeding on Xarelto compared to Coumadin?

Quick Question summary: Testing methos for von Willebrand factor activity.