2017 Cheat Sheet

Diane Treadway encounters a descrepancy between ISTAT and Stago plasma-based PT/INR results on a patient in cardiac catheterization.

A technical description of the VASP-P immunoassay.

A summary of the new T2MR nanotechnology as it is applied to hemostasis.

A follow-up on the issue of bivalirudin's effect upon the ISTAT INR versus the plasma INR using Stago's coagulometer and reagent.

George reviews another global hemostasis system, SEER sonorheometry.

NASTH Fellowship: Second Announcement

Denise Jones asks about specimen dilutions for the chromogenic anti-Xa assay.

Heather DeVries asks about methods to adjust anticoagulant volumes for polycythemia.

Heather DeVries asks about whole blood lumiaggregometry.

Heather DeVries asks about the need to adjust anticoagulant for polycythemia when performing chromogenic substrate assays.