2016 Cheat Sheet

Maria Cordova asks about computing the DRVVT divisor.

Mahnaz Sairi asked about diluting the PNP with buffered saline when performing mixing studies.

Susan Lemire finds poor correlation between EDTA and citrated specimens for platelet counts.

What is the established minimum number of donors necessary to produce pooled normal plasma?

Michele Drejka is looking for a lab that will characterize mutations related to factor X deficiency.

Julia asks about repeat SRA testing in patients who have HIT.

Diane Deutsch Keahey asks about hemostasis teaching materials.

Lesa Nelson: Monitoring high dose heparin therapy using the Hemochron ACT assay.

Maria Grana asks about the ecarin clotting time assay and for a means to measure direct thrombin inhibitors.

Debra Goode asks about factor assay sensitivity.