2016 Cheat Sheet

Kelly Townsend reports on elevated protein C activity in rheumatology patients. George speculates on the cause.

What assay can the laboratory director offer when transitioning from a direct oral anti-Xa anticoagulant to heparin?

Kelly Townsend asks about an arterial thrombosis risk profile.

An unusual VWD subtype 2A treatment pattern.

Dr. Andrew Goodwin asked about monitoring UFH when in vivo hemolysis is present.

How to test for the effects of lipemia on coagulation specimen results.

Jennifer Watson asks about a patient on heparin whose anti-Xa result is zero despite increasing heparin doses.

George asks about using the INR in the Model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) formula.

George wonders how to calculate PT % activity.

Donna Lawler inquires about ADAMTS13 methods.