2015 Cheat Sheet

Sheila Minor asks about the necessity for normalizing DRVVT ratios, as recommended by CLSI and ISTH. George cites a 2013 article that implies there is nothing to be gained by normalization.

Keith DeHaas asks about developing the ex vivo unfractionated heparin therapeutic range when heparinized patient specimens are scarce.

George indicates that there is no documentation indicating that POC PT/INR results are affected by the platelet count.

DDAVP to correct antiiplatelet drug overdose?

Linda Sherman-Atkins MT (ASCP) SH asks about collecting specimens from a vascular access device for monitoring heparin with the PTT.

Dr. Jasmina Ahluwalia asks about pediatric reference intervals keyed to specific instrumentation.

George announces 10-16-15 FDA approval of idarucizumab (Praxbind), reversal agent for Pradaxa.

Dr. Elaine Keohane asks about the mechanism of skin necrosis in vitamin K deficiency.

George announces the Mayo Laboratories annual conference in Scottsdale, where Precision BioLogic will exhibit.

Ellie Coggins asks why factor XII deficiency has no clinical consequence, George makes reference to the cell-based coagulation pathway of Hoffman and Monroe.