2015 Cheat Sheet

Dr. Ning Tang asks about measuring intrinsic factors in a specimen with strong LA activity.

Dr. Louann Lawrence refers an individual who is homozygous for the prothrombotic prothrombin G20210A mutation and who has experiences two episodes of pulmonary embolus.

Dr. Ning Tang provides a case that illustrates silica-based Vs. ellagic acid-based PTT reagent sensitivity to LAC.

George announces his latest publication in Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis.

George posted his abstract, Stable Dabigatran Levels in Anticoagulation Clinic Patients: An Unexpected Finding.

Lovenox may cause urinary tract bleeding.

George asks about the relative clinical value for the PTT versus the chromogenic anti-Xa heparin assay in measuring unfractionated heparin therapy.

In following up a case, George asks about transplant surgery for a patient who has a heterozygous FVL mutation.

Dr. Favaloro weighs in on the discussion of anti-Xa numenclature.

Angela Phillips requests a list of medications that contain aspirin, George provided a list from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.