2015 Cheat Sheet

Review articles on antiplatelet therapy and platelet function testing.

Judy Miller reports, "Hi George, we currently use the Rosner Index, and consider an Index of &gt ;15 to indicate possible inhibitor."

Dr. Nilia Madan requests classroom access to our educational modules.

Dr. Monica Truta from Romania asks how often a laboratory must calculate uncertainty (prescision) data.

Monali Gupta MD asks several technical questions about the thrombin clotting time assay described in Educational Module 28.

Boehring-Ingelheim develops Pradaxa reversal drug.

Announcement describing Boehringer Ingelheim's idarucizumab for dabigatran reversal phase III trial results.

Discussion of the MTHFR polymorphisms and thrombosis riskk.

Summary of July, 2015 mixing study question about mixing study correction limits.

Dr. Siddartha Sharma asks about performing coagulation assays on EDTA specimens.