2015 Cheat Sheet

George links to a recent Blood publication describing the rare congenital coagulopathies.

Traci Dixon reports on a case of PK deficiency with ROTEM results.

George announces The Fritsma Factor attendance and presentation at the ASCLS-Georgia meeting May 16.

Comment on prekallikrein deficiency from Dr. Tom Exner.

George presents a case of a DVT with severe thrombocytopenia.

George asks about using controls with mixing studies.

We reprise a mixing studies post from 2013 for its discussion of mixing study controls and the use of a saline mix.

George posts a question about follow-up to mixing studies using FVIII and FIX-deficient plasmas.

Dr. Ali Sadighi-Khomami, Precision bioLogic Inc,  provided a paragraph from the Esoterix Coagulation handbook about the suggested saline phase mixing study.

Discussion of parental refusal of vitamin K supplementation at birth.