2015 Cheat Sheet

Announcement of the ASCLS-MI meeting, April 15–17, 2015.

Sam Arcidiacono asks if LMWH prolongs the PT , George suggests the patient may be going into DIC.

Heather DeVries describes her laboratory's approach to PTT mixing studies.

George provides definitions for FDA approval, clearance, and registration.

Joan Chapman asks about reporting normal PT and PTT results in high hematocrit specimens without adjusting the anticoagulant volume.

George and Precision BioLogic Inc support World Hemophlia Day.

Announcement of the ASCLS-WI convention, April 22–23, Appleton, WI.

George provides an announcement of the Kansas Society for Clinical Laboratory Science annual meeting.

May 13 Webinar announcement.

Ahmed Siddig Akasha requests procedures of platelet aggregation test, the principle, procedure, and results interpretation and the normal values. George provides a summary answer and links to audio PowerPoint educational modules 29–34.