2015 Cheat Sheet

George introduces Vetigel, a wound-sealing product that is under development.

George introduces the Palo Alto laboratory service, Theranos, founded and operated by Elizabeth Holmes.

Pat Doleski asks about Ebola virus coagulation testing.

Kirk Guyer answers a colleague who is seeking normal and abnormal platelet controls.

Drs. Emmanuel Favaloro & Giuseppe Lippi asked that we re-post their November questionnaire about D-dimer reporting. They are looking for more responses from North America. The link is posted here.

Dr. King asks about performing mixing studies on patients receiving anticoagulant therapy.

Jim Turner asks about alternatives to the Accumetrics VerifyNow instrument used in the operating room.

Dr. Thomas Gage asks whether acetaminophen could suppress the Accumetrix VerifyNow Aspirin test.

George links to a Medscape report indicating increased bleeding risk for AMI patients taking NSAIDs.

Cassandra McGeachy asks about some unusual Bethesda titer results.