December 2015 Cheat Sheet

Healther DeVries discusses how to develop a reference interval in a multiple-site laboratory system.

Responses from several experts on establishing reference intervals in multiple sites.

A question from Kristi Willams about performing protein C and S antigen separate from the activity assay.

Heather DeVries comments on the action limit that initiates a PTT mixing study.

Summary of October-November 2015 Quick Question, "What PTT value initiates a PTT mixing study in your laboratory?"

World Thrombosis Day 2015 impact statement.

Heather DeVries answers a December, 2015 Quick Question with a description of her reference interval process.

Dr. Gabor Varadi asks about Kcentra dosing for reversal of DOAC-induced bleeding.

Tiffany Jones asks if we can get valid platelet counts from citrate whole blood specimens that have been spun and resuspended.

Sheila Minor asks for an APCR control source.