November 2015 Cheat Sheet

George announces the Mayo Laboratories annual conference in Scottsdale, where Precision BioLogic will exhibit.

Ellie Coggins asks why factor XII deficiency has no clinical consequence, George makes reference to the cell-based coagulation pathway of Hoffman and Monroe.

Dennis Ernst submits a question about specimen collection for PFA-100 assays.

Follow-up comments on PFA-100 specimen collection from Donna Castellone and Drs. Ali-Sadeghi-Khomami and Emmanual Favaloro

George addresses a Consumer Web Forum question about the effects of therapeutic phlebotomy on point of care INR results.

Alan Neal comments on the necessity for clinical consult in interpreting PTT mixing studies, he is concerned for a tendency to generate false positive lupus anticoagulant interpretations.

George discusses whether it remains necessary to adjust the citrate volume for specimens with HCTs &gt ;55%.