2015 Cheat Sheet

Dr. Ali Sadeghi-Khomami, Precision Biologic, drew attention to the January 8, 2014 FDA clearance of the DOAC edoxaban for reduction of stroke risk in AFIB and treatment of DVT and PE following 5 days of intravenous anticoagulant therapy.

George posts an announcement about Portola's anti-Xa DOAC reversal agent, andexanet alpha, which has cleared phase III trials.

George cites a meta-analysis comparing DOAC efficacy and safety to warfarin.

Pat Dolesky asks about inter-lab comparisons of the Accumetrics VerifyNow aspirin and P2Y12 assays.

Dave McGlasson references a 2014 article in Circulation by Jeff Dlott, MD that documents "real world" warfarin TTRs.

Tony Tang presents a case of a one-YO with hepatitis and asks if an elevated D-dimer and FDP indicate DIC though there is no bleeding. Tony also mentions a normal TEG LY30 finding, which seems to contradict the D-dimer result. George mentions that there is considerable similarity between liver disease and DIC findings.

Herb Crown responds with a common variation to our current Quick Question about PTT mixing study action limits.

Technical advisor Donna Castellone provides additional information to clarify Tony Tang's question about an unexpectedly high D-dimer in a 1-YO, and how to distinguish between DIC and advanced liver disease.

George asks about undocumented Xarelto side effects.

George introduces Transfusion News, a web site sponsored by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.