Dec 1, 2019 11:44am
Check our December, 2019 Quick Question on the right: "When collecting hemostasis specimens, when do you use a discard tube?" Please provide an answer based on your facility's specimen management policy. If your answer doesn't match the answers that are offered, please provide your comment below or send it to George at
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Dec 1, 2019 11:26am
Our November, 2019 Quick Question asked, "What may you substitute for the PT when LAC prolongs the PT ?" We accumulated 53 votes.
Nov 26, 2019 5:57pm
Colleague and friend Mary Coleman, University of North Dakota referred a student in her Hematology class. The student told Prof. Coleman of a patient whose platelet count was chronically low. The student learned that a nurse told the patient there are foods that increase their platelets, such as pumpkin, kiwi, and pomegranate and wonders if this is true. The student referred to an Internet article, 9 Foods to Increase Blood Platelets.
Nov 15, 2019 9:48am
George presents "Medical Laboratory Scientists Choose Wisely" today, Friday, November 15 at the Clinical Laboratory Managers Association of Georgia and Alabama, hosted by the University of Alabama at